Indie Films

Indie Films was founded at 1991 by Arto Koskinen and Petri Rossi. Petri Rossi took a good care of the company for its first ten years until Tomi Riionheimo bought the company on August 2001. The Indie Films tradition is to produce good animations and do whatever the crew likes to do. So Indie Films is and will be just what we like.

Indie Films has three sublabels: Hankikanto, Helsingin Kino-Veikot and Kennel-Kino.


  • Indie Films Oy

  • Jääkärinkatu 11 C 46, 00150 Helsinki
  • Y-tunnus 0895650-9


The company does not employ regular labour but here are some of the activists:

  • Tomi Riionheimo, CEO, producer, director & the cleaning man: E-mail: tomi.riionheimo (at)
  • Jyrki Kaipainen, producer
  • Mikko Kekki, web designer, member of the board
  • Ykä Järvinen, dirctor, editor and cameraman, E-mail: yrpa (at)
  • Jan Andersson, director, animator, E-mail: jan.andersson (at)
  • Hannu “Laiska” Lajunen, director, animator, webman, E-mail: hannu [a]


Hankikanto is a sublabel of Indie Films that publishes CD’s, vinyls and books. Yes – there is good to have some hobbies outside of the film making! This far we have published seven (7) CD’s, one 7″ picture vinyl and a comic book (the book together with Ilias publishing company).

Do not be afraid to buy our great stuff.

Music publications

Hankikanto is a sublabel of Indie Films that puts out some music every now and then. You can order these directly from us – just e-mail to tomi.riionheimo (at) – you can pay by IBAN, PayPal or with major credit cards. We add 1-2 eur for the postages outside Finland. WARNING! Most of this stuff is real HARDCORE JAZZ!

  • Cleaning Women: Hankerchifs For Sale OST (7″ kuvalevy) 8€
  • Lauri Hannu: Vegetable Guitar Vol 1. CD 15€
  • Jouni Joronen: The Legmaster CD 10€
  • Jouni Joronen: The Legmaster Vol 2 CD 10€
  • Kostajat: Pimeää ainetta CD 10€
  • The Partylandmen: Manitoba Motorway CD 10€
  • The Partylandmen: Atonal Standads Vol 1 CD 10€
  • Sakilaiset: Stadin kundi CD 18€

Earlier Indie Films music production

  • Rieku ja Raiku Soundtrack CD/CD-ROM 10€

Helsingin Kino-Veikot

= The Helsinki Kino Dudes

This sublabel was formed at 2001 to be a DIY and only for fun section of Indie Films. But it seems that there have been enough fun and DIY in the Indie Films itself so Kino-Veikot have been inactive ever since except some Super-8 porn animation and Super-8 action porn flick screenings at Animatricks and Riemu festivals.

So if you need some vintage animated or action porn shows to be screened at your pirivate party please do not hesitate to contact Kino-Veikot through Indie Films contact address.


This is not really a sublabel. Kennel-Kino was a DIY Super-8 film production label in the nineties and the catalogue is now taken care by Indie Films.

Kennel-Kino productions (dir. Tomi Riionheimo if not otherwise mentioned)

  • Keskiyön kuumat huulet, D, 3 min, 2001
  • Rantarock 2000, D, 3 min, 1999
  • Ajankohtaistoimitus I & II, A, 1 min, 1999, (dir: Anna Cadia & Pekka Jokinen)
  • Portaat, F, 1min, 1998
  • Kaleva, D, 2 min, 1998 (dir. Pekka Jokinen)
  • Eihän?, D, 2 min, 1997
  • Treffit, D, 3 min, 1997
  • Näin tehtiin dokumenttielokuva Treffit, D, 1 min, 1997
  • Totuus D, 2 min, 1996
  • The Wild Savages, F, 4 min, 1997 (dir. Pekka Jokinen)

All films are available on BetaSP