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Hankikanto: music etc.

Hankikanto is a sublabel of Indie Films that publishes CD’s, vinyls and books. Yes – there is good to have some hobbies outside of the film making! This far we have published seven (7) CD’s, one 7″ picture vinyl and a comic book (the book together with Ilias publishing company).

Do not be afraid to buy our great stuff.

Music publications

Hankikanto is a sublabel of Indie Films that puts out some music every now and then. You can order these directly from us – just e-mail to tomi.riionheimo (at) – you can pay by IBAN, PayPal or with major credit cards. We add 1-2 eur for the postages outside Finland. WARNING! Most of this stuff is real HARDCORE JAZZ!

  • Cleaning Women: Hankerchifs For Sale OST (7″ kuvalevy) 8€
  • Lauri Hannu: Vegetable Guitar Vol 1. CD 15€
  • Jouni Joronen: The Legmaster CD 10€
  • Jouni Joronen: The Legmaster Vol 2 CD 10€
  • Kostajat: Pimeää ainetta CD 10€
  • The Partylandmen: Manitoba Motorway CD 10€
  • The Partylandmen: Atonal Standads Vol 1 CD 10€
  • Sakilaiset: Stadin kundi CD 18€

Earlier Indie Films music production

  • Rieku ja Raiku Soundtrack CD/CD-ROM 10€

Me Rieku ja Raiku

Me Rieku ja Raiku

Me Rieku ja Raiku

“Me Rieku ja Raiku” is a 54 page hard cover full colour comic book that is nice visually and works also as a good learning book of basic Finnish for the advanced.

You can get it for 12 € (incl. postage to Finland – for outside we add 2-5 € for the postage) by e-mailing to tomi.riionheimo (at)

The book can be delivered with the drawers autograph and an pencil drawing if wanted.