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Can you imagine, for a second, doing anything just 'cuz you want to?
Well, that's just what I do so hooray for me... (...and fuck you!) Bad Religion: Hooray for me

Au Pair

Another weird animation by the trusted directors. Woman becomes an Au pair for a single man’s cardboard family.

Directors: Tatu Pohjavirta ja Mark Ståhle

Music: Petri Mattila

Sound design: Salla Hämäläinen

Production: Tatu Pohjavirta & Tomi Riionheimo/Indie Films Oy

Premiere: 2017

Formats: DCP, mp4, audio 5.1 or stereo

Duration: 13 minutes


Flapping by Tatu Pohjavirta


Synopsis: A naked man stands on a mountain. He leans into the wind and flaps.

Preview copy available at Vimeo. Please ask the link and psw.

Festival copy: DCP, Audio 5.1, aspect ratio 1,85
Length: 5 min 20 sec

Directing and animation: Tatu Pohjavirta
Music: Aki Viikilä
Sound: Svante Colerus
Musicians: Ville Nissinen, Ylermi Rajamaa, Petra Vehviläinen, Aki Viikilä & Jukka Viikilä
Music mixing: Mikko Raita / Studio Kekkonen
Sound mixing: Peter Nordström / Meguru Film Sound

With support of:
Yle / Sari Volanen
The Finnish Film Foundation / Joona Louhivuori
Suomen Kulttuurirahasto
Producer: Tatu Pohjavirta / Indie Films oy 2015 (c)

2 1/2 Bodies – pre production teaser

This is a pre production teaser of our absurd Finnish Nordic Noir feature puppet animation in development.

  • dirctor: Tatu Pohjavirta
  • producer: Jyrki Kaipainen
  • cinematographer: Anu Keränen
  • animation: Jan Andersson
  • set design: Milja Aho
  • character design: Antti Kemppainen
  • sets and props: Leevi Lankinen, Heta Jäälinoja, Emmi Heimonen, Jyrki Kanto
  • music: Stakula
  • sound: Svante Colerus
  • puppet makers: Agnieszka Mikolajczyk, Agnieszka Smolarek, Dariusz Kalita, Marcin Zalewski, Piotr Knabe, Justyna Rochala, Katarzyna Piastka
  • puppet hair & costumes: Anna Szczesniak, Justyna Rochala
  • compositing, lighting, special effects: Mario Kalogjera
  • 3D animation: Kristijan Dulic
  • 3D modeling: Goran Mitrovic
  • thank you: Adam Ptak, Vanja Andrijevic, Katarzyna Gromadzka, Tomi Riionheimo
  • production support:Finnish Film Foundation / Jukka Asikainen


2 1/2 Bodies in development

2 1/2 Bodies

An absurd Nordic Noir feature puppet animation 2 1/2 Bodies is in development. The film will be the first feature film by awarded director Tatu Pohjavirta.

The film is produced by Jyrki Kaipainen who have been working with Indie Films since spring 2012. Indie films will now also take care of the distribution of former animation productions by Kaipainen (made under film co-operative Camera Cagliostro).

Production news


The Mangel, a man and an angel

The Mangel (Mankeli), an 11 minute animation poem by Jan Andersson & Katja Kettu  is ready to hit the festival screens.



The next Indie Flms animation Papers (working title) is under production. This 7 minute mixed media animation is directed by Kalle Kotila. The production of this film have been transferred to Las Palmas Films Oy.


The best animation: Tango Finlandia

IXth WT Os International Film Festival, Norway 2007. Jury’s Statement:

In an age where animators try to overdo each other with 3-dimensional handjobs across the line, these guys go the opposite way, presenting us with this little masterpiece of glorious 2-D. Truly original, wonderfully understated, with an exemplary correspondence between video and audio.

New place to hide

We have moved from Kallio to Iso Roobertinkatu at central Helsinki to live together with Stupido Records, one of the the longest standing indie record labels in Finland. Our previous co-productions are the gold selling DVD Sekoilun ytimessä by the fabulous humppa band Eläkeläiset and the Elä! DVD by the still ass-kicking grandfather of Finnish punk Pelle Miljoona.