The Mangel

This production is ready and hitting the festivals in 2011.

  • directors: Jan Andersson and Katja Kettu
  • puppet/mixed technique animation
  • duration 11 minutes
  • screening formats: DVD, DigiBeta, DCP
  • premiere: 2011


There once was a mangel,
a male angel, that is.
He had small little horns, his tail was plug
and he had a hubcap as a halo.


  • Animatricks, Helsinki, Finland, 2011
  • Fredrikstad, Animation festival, Norway 2011
  • Arktisen upeeta, Jyväskylä, Finland, 2012
  • Tampere Film Festival, Finland 2012


  • Grand Prix, Fredrikstad, Norway 2011


  • directors: Jan Andersson ja Katja Kettu
  • original story: Katja Kettu
  • script: Katja Kettu ja Jan Andersson
  • cinematography: Antti Takkunen
  • sound design and audio production: Pirkko Tiitinen
  • set up: Jan Andersson ja Katja Kettu
  • animation: Jan Andersson, Katja Kettu, Risto Jankkila, Mikko Torvinen
  • afterFX and weird shit: Jan Andersson
  • music: Eero Turkka & Mamo ensemble
  • actor: Hannu Numio
  • production: Tomi Riionheimo
  • premiere: august 2011